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Web Post/ Mini Essay 1: The Multimedia Object

This piece is an interactive map that sequences events to follow the television show, Game of Thrones (up to Season 3), specifically from the point of view of one of the characters, Arya. This piece is broken up into four dynamics. To start, the database, which is always a collection of information. Here, it’s what Arya experiences in the television show, Game of Thrones. The database is organized as the map of the area in which specific events occur, in other terms places that Arya is describing. For the database to be shown, there has to be an interface. This one happens to be a map, and the data within it is scattered on the map, so one can click on any link on the map to view its contents, but the interface is supposed to follow a journey which is made to be in a chronological order. For this map, instead of an algorithm it follows a narrative. If it were an algorithm, each choice made would reflect the outcome of something else, but here information is presented but cannot be manipulated. Also, its understanding is through a chronological order, in order to make it a narrative. There are components for structuring/organizing this work. The interactive map tells you where to begin, constructs the events in a chronological order around the map which is how all the data is organized- and consists of video, photographs, and text. The map leads you in order but if you choose you can click around and go in any order you want.  Also the organization is heavily seen through the interface combined with the narrative form. Without the interface, I think the text would become confusing or redundant. But without the narrative form, the viewer would have no idea what to click on first, nor would they know what order Arya’s journey went in because the map would not disclose that information.


Overall, I loved the interactive map. For someone who hasn’t watched many episodes or are familiar with any of the characters of Game of Thrones, even though this has a specific point of view (Arya), I thought the map not only helped navigate a viewer through Arya’s journey, but it gives a much broader insight into the time period and location of the show. Having a visual to navigate events in the show put a lot more in perspective for me then merely just watching the show on its own. Now I can visualize parts of the kingdom, length of journeys, etc. Although I’m not sure who was commissioned or inspired to make this interactive web display, it looks like it was done for commercial purposes, for the “fans” of Game of Thrones, and is very straight forward. However after doing a little research there is a multitude of interactive maps on the GOT, and not just one on the perspective from Arya.

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